Super aggressive chick? Help!

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    I admit I am pretty new to chicken raising- this will be my first ever flock. I have been researching for ages and I understand how the pecking order works but my problem is I think I have a hyper aggressive chick! I only just got them yesterday/today. I have wound up with 4 golden sebrights, 6 silkie bantams and 2 RIR. The RIR and the sebrights came first and the RIRs were much bigger chicks and the one I named Ruby seemed to be at the top of the pecking order. I watched her and she definitely made her dominance obvious but she wasn't violent.

    Then today I bring in my silkie bantams which are just 2 days old, too, and one of the silkie bantams is starting to worry me. This one silkie has been grabbing the other chicks legs and toes and pulling very aggressively to the point where there are little injuries and they squawk/screech. The entire time since I got them home, this one has seemed more interested in pecking and grabbing the other ones than eating or drinking or sleeping. Is this normal? When I separate this one from the others, it throws a huge hissy fit but the other ones just lay down and nap. Am I over reacting or should I keep them separated?

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    The toe pulling is fairly common and should stop after a day or so. You can separate them if necessary. I think toes look like worms to them. They also will sometimes go for eyeballs.

    Mixing silkies and RIR could cause troubles down the road, especially if your set up is smaller. Give them plenty of room and it may work out, but I don't recommend mixing bantam and standards.

    You will see aggression every time you add new chicks. Separating with a wire divider can help them get used to each other before they mingle.

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