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    Mar 29, 2008
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    here is a four foot length of 6" square vinyl post for fences. I gouged a big hunk out of the bottom, set it in a plastic pan from goodwill, and tied a loop of string to the fence and hooked it over the top of the feeder. If the food hangs up at all, just lift the vinyl post a couple inches and instant feeder fill! I want to do that in all my pens!


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    [​IMG] Great idea you've got!!! Gotta try it!

    Forgot to say, your birds are so pretty too!
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    we did that with the pvc pipe and it doesn't stick or hold up the food flow.. where you have it straight into the dish we put in a 45 degree angle and it flows freely.. we use it for calcium.. another for grit and one for food
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    kewl [​IMG]

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