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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by enriquec, Sep 14, 2014.

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    There's tons of it all over BackYard Chickens but its not super easy to find. I've searched here, couldn't find what I was looking, but then another member posts a link, or a google search finds what I'm looking for here.

    It seems a lot of questions are posted in cycles. Every week (or X amt of time) some asks [blank], and sometimes they get a great answer, sometimes they get no answers. I know I've been guilty of this. I have a hard time thinking that any question exists, which has not been excellently answered at some point.

    Is it possible to make a sticky thread at top (so its always easy to find by new, and older members alike) that contains something along the lines of:

    FAQs & Answers
    Top Guides, answers, resources, and more!
    Welcome to BYC! Read this before posting, (then something, helpful info, or intro)

    Or, you get the idea. One or more threads that stay at the top and are great :)

    One for really large threads that are never going away would be cool too (like pic posts).

    Sometimes finding info here is hard. (Although, I think I'm getting good at using Google to search here). I feel fairly confidant that I, and many others, will post many questions in 2014. Some will get great answers, some good, some will not receive an answer at all.. Or will get lower quality answers than someone who recent asked the exact same question...

    I'm not sure what the top questions/topics would be. That would be for us as a collective group, and I think especially the more experienced members, to decide. I'm very new here but I'm going to go with:

    Things to know BEFORE getting ducks - Directory (laws, daily needs, HOA, predictors, long-term commitment? etc etc)
    Intro to Ducks!
    Feed, Water & Nutrition
    Caring for Ducklings 101 - The Basics
    Health, Medical, and Illness Encyclopedia

    I think I've gone on long enough to get the idea across. What do you guys think?

    I would include these which were recommended to me:
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    Have you seen this?
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    No! Now that I looked for it, I noticed its in the brown area which I didn't know was a thread. Thank you :)

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