Super Lethargic Buff Orpington :( Help please


6 Years
Mar 15, 2013
Please help!
My Buff Orpington, Einstein, is being super lethargic. She eats but has no energy, she isn't laying, she isn't preening. All she dose is sit in a lump in the run. She is all hunched up and her head is tucked in. She walks super slow but still tries to get treats when I put them out. I've never seen this before in a any of my chickens. Couldn't find her last night, but turns out she was sleeping in one of the nesting boxes. I thought I was going to find her dead in the run.
Any ideas on what this might be? Worms?

Also her poop is very small. I am planning on quarentining her just in case it is contagious.
Pleas help

Moved her to a box in my basement because she looked really cold. She had some yogurt (ate the whole dish!).
Also (forgot to put this in the first post) she is very skinny.
reply if you have any thoughts
Have you wormed your chickens? Garlic? ACV in their water? How old is she?
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Thank you so much for replying!
No I have never wormed my chickens. I have given them DE in their food before but other than that no
Seems to be doing better today! She is outside at the moment getting some sun. She is still pretty lath argue but is clucking and scratching. Any ideas on what this might be are greatly appreciated! Also I found some white dots in her poop today.... Not sure if it is worms maybe? I haveno idea how to worm chickens :/
Thank you so much! She is less lethargic today! She didn't want me to pick her up like she usually is. Yesterday she was just like blaaaah whatever. Thanks again!

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