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May 7, 2009
Brooksville, FL
I went out to check my eggs today, and found an egg about the size of a large olive. All of my hens in that pen have been laying for awhile, and there's never been an egg like this. The only hen that hasn't laid yet is a marans, and the small egg was white, which means it must have been one of my leghorns. Is it common to sometimes get ridiculously small eggs? Even when they all first started to lay, they were normal size.
In 2 years I found 1 egg like you are talking about. It was laid by a Buff Orp. I posted a picture and asked the same question. The good people here had a name for it and said it was a fluke. I cracked it open and it was the size of a quarter. I didn't eat it but I suppose you could. Haven't seen one since. I don't know how common it is but it does happen. John
Here is the picture, I just found it. Buff Orp egg-- banty egg and fluke egg.

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That is what they call a fart egg or wind egg. They generally will not have a yolk. We have got one in a year and a half. If you want to keep it just let it sit on the counter and the insides will just dry up. Makes for a good conversation piece.
I had a little tiny egg from one of my girls. Not as small as the one in the picture, weighing .9 ounce. When I cracked it open it was a perfect little tiny egg inside. We tossed it in with the rest of our eggs for breakfast!
...or a wind egg? LMAO

I'm pretty sure the only reason it was ever called a "wind" egg was because the forum software -- in its infinite wisdom -- used to replace the word "fart" with "wind" when people would type "fart egg" it would come out "wind egg."

Kinda like how people started asking..."What's a picky sack?" when someone would reference a dog's a.nal sack and the forum would replace the word a.nal with the word "picky"..


A "wind" egg... ROFLMAO

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