Support Chickens in Califon, NJ (Hunterdon County) - Meeting TONIGHT

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by HunterWilson, Aug 25, 2010.

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    Jun 7, 2010
    Changing the backyard chicken ordinance is going to be topic #1 at tonight’s Planning Board meeting.

    It will start at 8-PM in the town hall #39 Academy St Califon, NJ.

    My understanding is that chickens are currently NOT allowed, but they have unofficially been permitted until Mr. and Mrs. Krehely of Center Street started complaining about one of their neighbors who has 2-hens. The good news is that the town seems receptive of changing the ordinance to officially permit chickens or at least consider it a possibility, so tonight at 8:00 PM the Planning Board is taking public comments and then later recommend a proposal.

    All local chicken lovers, please attend the meeting and speak in support of chicks!

    Here is a recent news story with some of the background:
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    well I dont get it why they have the mayor leave the council simply because he has chickens????????? It seems like to me NON chicken council would be the way they will run the city. I think they should include him to get HIS feedback, the pros and cons of having chickens.

    I hope they will have this overruled and allow folks to have chickens.
  3. HunterWilson

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    Jun 7, 2010
    Quote:At the meeting last night the Mayor once again left the room. I am not sure why. Maybe so that he does not appear to be strong arming the board, or maybe so that he is not seen on the record as hearing his chickens are illegal???

    Update from the meeting:
    Last night the planning board took comments from the public. It was a packed house with a few people even having to stand in back! Except for the original family who complained, all comments from the public where in support of “non commercial” chicken ownership in town.

    For the husband & wife who kicked off the chicken issue the husband seemed strongly opposed to any chickens and objected to the town spending resources even looking into the issue of changing the law. It seemed like he really wanted his neighbors 2-hens evicted as a matter of principal of upholding the law. The wife actually seemed to be okay with limited chicken ownership, but was concerned chickens could get out of hand if they were free-ranging all over town. Those were my impressions of their comments.

    The first person who spoke in favor of chickens presented letters from realtors indicating that reasonable chicken ownership would not adversely affect property values. The letters indicated that sheds, dog houses/pens are already common in our town and chicken coops would not change the appearance of the town. The first speaker also presented a petition with over 80 signatures requesting that chickens be allowed. That is a lot of signatures for such a small town!

    People mentioned that dogs are louder and produce more poop than chickens and that chicken poop can is a great fertilizer. People mentioned that some of the most desirable cities in the country are now allowing limited chickens.

    At this meeting the board did not discuss the chicken issue among themselves, but explained they are in the process of researching the issue and looking into what other towns are doing. They said they were seeking “chicken experts” to testify to them about chickens at the next meeting. I think they expect to make a recommendation at the next meeting.

    There certainly seems to be overwhelming support favoring chickens in Califon, so I hope it works out!
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    Feb 26, 2011
    I am moving to Califon and would like to thank everyone who helped get this past. My family and I would like to start raising 4-5 chickens for eggs in my small backyard. I need advice and was wondering if there were any Calfion folk who could offer advice.


  5. Feathers n Fur

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    Apr 27, 2012
    Hunterdon County NJ

    I will be a new chicken mama in about 10 days. Not sure when you are moving in but I've been learning so much and would love to learn along with you and help in any way I can. I am a stones throw to Califon in Tewksbury Twp. Give me a hollar anytime.

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