Supposed Ameraucanas


5 Years
Apr 23, 2014
Western central NJ
So, when deciding on which breeds to get we decided on good layers and wanted to try a little fun blue eggs too. We bought from a breeder who advertised breeding the rare breed Ameraucana. I checked out the breed forum for the 1st time last night (been spending a lot of time with coop building and care of). I am now pretty sure my chickens are Easter Eggers...I paid $10.00 ea for the chicks (cause they are rare--the RIR and BOs were $5 ea). Do I have EEs?? and are they girls?

Peck is beautiful and has the ear muffs

Blue has a lot of brown to go with the slate grey, and not the most distinguished muff

At least they're female and likely to be easter eggers so you'll still get colorful eggs. Sorry someone wasn't honest with you.
Thank you guys!! I am very glad they are girls!! The blue one is very brave and likes people. We think Peck is gorgeous. We wanted some blue eggs, so at least we will get eggs. I will send pics to the breeder and let her know that they are not what she is advertising. At least then she cant say she doesnt know.


I agree they're Easter eggers, and that seller should be ashamed of herself, charging that much.

Good news is, they're both female, and look to have pea combs, which bodes very well for blue or green eggs.
I'm trying to digest the news that Ameraucanas are rare. I wasn't aware of that. THe lesson here is do a little homework before you buy.People who take the time to do that rarely get cheated.

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