Supposed to be brown leghorns but I'm not so sure they are.


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Sep 11, 2014
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These guys are supposed to be brown leghorns (they where a hatchery order) but they don't look like the pictures I've seen online for brown leghorns. Also two turned out to be beautiful roosters. They are about 5 months old now, what do you guys think?

They don't really look like leghorns to me either. I'm not sure what they are though. Are they laying yet? Leghorns lay white eggs but I wouldn't be surprised if yours are brown layers. What hatchery did you order them from? That would help to narrow down the other possibilities.
The hens are red sex links, a hybrid layer. One trade name is Golden Comet, one is Red Star. The rooster is a Production Red/Hatchery type Rhode Island Red rooster.

The pullets should be laying now or will very soon, usually hybrids lay earlier than others, and the eggs will be brown, not white like a Brown Leghorn would lay.
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I have a brown leghorn, they have white earlobes. Your chickens look a lot like production reds. They are breed to be great layers of brown eggs and are usually docile birds. Good luck!
The pullets are not Production Reds. They are definitely Red Sex Links, aka Red Stars or other assorted trade names. The rooster, however, is a hatchery type Rhode Island Red, some call a Production Red.
Thanks so much for the quick replies :) That is exactly what i suspected they where but Haze wouldn't believe me without somebody with more experience verifying it without suggestion. So thanks, I love being right ahaha. There are actually two roos in the pics. one is much larger with a straight comb, his name is Chester, and the smaller one with the crooked comb is called Zeno. They have been laying for a few weeks now and have progressed to medium sized eggs ranging from dark to light brown. The girls are called Hera(dark brown), Lilith(redish brown), Inanna(light brown), and Isis( White butt). They are all very sweet for sure, Chester grooms his ladies and calls them over whenever he finds food. He only shows aggression if he catches Zeno bullying a lady. Zeno is the smallest chicken and the lowest ranked so he can get grumpy sometimes. He is never aggressive to people though and is the only one brave enough to eat from my hands. So will chicks hatched from these guys be red sex links as well?
Quote: Nope, not at all. They'll be a mixed breed bird. Since the mothers are already a cross, you're just crossing again. Sex links are not technically a breed, but a hybrid, bred for egg production. Sex links are sex-able at hatch, but these chicks will not be.

To make a red sex link, some hatcheries cross a Rhode Island Red over a Rhode Island White (two breeds, not two colors of the same breed) and Cackle Hatchery uses a RIR rooster over a Delaware hen for theirs.

Here is a link to a short article on Feathersite explaining the sex link.
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