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Aug 24, 2019
Hi! I’m new to BackyardChickens and I have a interesting story and a few questions too! My hen went broody around 8/2. I wanted to hatch ducks because in my city roosters are illegal and I didn’t want to risk hatching Roos. I bought some duck eggs from a chicken feed store and stuck them under my hen on 8/3. Three eggs. One green/blue and two white eggs. I go outside this morning and there’s a chick with mama! Don’t get me wrong she’s a wonderful mom but... how?! I was actually pretty happy because I have an excuse to add a hen to my flock now.. but I believe the other two are duck eggs. There’s another 7 days until they hatch and momma needs to stay put on them eggs. If anything goes wrong.. I do have an incubator. I am curious of the breed of the chick i will attach photos. She hatched out of a blue egg and has feathered feet. Thank you!!


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Sep 17, 2015
Possibly an olive egger chick. I dont see many blue duck eggs. I guess It's possible, just not with any ducks I have ever had

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