surprise chicken in my order


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6 Years
Mar 6, 2013
So we call it feather foot I can't tell if it's a male or female. It is curious and BOLD doesn't appear to be afraid. I often find it in the garage and I have found it in the basement by itself. What is it?

It looks like a really tall hawk! We called it fugly for a while since it was funky and ugly. Took FOREVER to feather out. It's 6 months old. The feathers on the tail have some green sheen to them now. Feathers go all down the front of his bright yellow feet.

It almost looks like it wants to be a silver laced or dark brahma. Those look like saddle feathers coming in, and it looks boyish, but it doesn't seem to have any comb development. Where did it surprise you from?
Roo? GOOD LORD this thing is going to have a lot of feathers. All I keep thinking about is the snow freezing to the feet feathers.
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Looks like a really slow maturing roo to me so far. Those suckers get pretty darn big even for hatchery birds. The feet feathers really don't seem to bother them much since they don't have as many as like the cochins, they will wear or break off some, or you can cut the excess off yourself if need be. We're in central Ohio and get a decent amount of snow and they don't really seem to have any more problems with it or dislike it more than the average chicken.

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