Surprise Duck Hatching Eggs!


11 Years
Apr 1, 2011
Southern Maine
I have duck hatching eggs for sale!
I have males and females of the following breeds: Pekin, welsh harlequin, khaki campbell, black swedish, buff, fawn and white runner, blue crested swedish, cayuga
The only catch, is they are all running together! You have a chance of purebred ducklings, but I've seen the drakes mating with other breeds so there is a chance you will also get mixed breed ducklings.

So, if you are looking for a variety, or just some eggs to hatch for fun to see what you get, here you go!
They are $.75 each for up to 1 dozen.
$.50 each of you want more than a dozen.

I do send extras!

They will be shipped only at the beginning of the week (to ensure they don't sit at a post office on a weekend), and the eggs will be mailed the day they are laid to be sure you get the freshest ones. (I get approx. 20 per day).

Shipping for 1-7 eggs, $10, 8-12 eggs is $18.
Any more than that, PM me for the shipping details. The price usually goes up due to more weight and packing materials.

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