Surprise Duck Hatching Eggs!


11 Years
Apr 1, 2011
Southern Maine
I have duck hatching eggs for sale!
I have males and females of the following breeds: Pekin, welsh harlequin, khaki campbell, black swedish, buff, fawn and white runner, blue crested swedish, cayuga
The only catch, is they are all running together! You have a chance of purebred ducklings, but I've seen the drakes mating with other breeds so there is a chance you will also get mixed breed ducklings.

So, if you are looking for a variety, or just some eggs to hatch for fun to see what you get, here you go!
They are $.75 each for up to 1 dozen.
$.50 each of you want more than a dozen.

I do send extras!

They will be shipped only at the beginning of the week (to ensure they don't sit at a post office on a weekend), and the eggs will be mailed the day they are laid to be sure you get the freshest ones. (I get approx. 20 per day).

Shipping for 1-7 eggs, $10, 8-12 eggs is $18.
Any more than that, PM me for the shipping details. The price usually goes up due to more weight and packing materials.
Aww! Its getting too cold here for any more babies, But if you offer this deal next spring I will buy LOADS! I need at least 20+ ducks next year
Please keep me in mind if you offer this next spring please!
I should have this offered next spring as well. I do plan to separate my breeds sometime in late winter, but I will also offer a variety if people ask for it

It's starting to cool off here as well. I've got one more batch due to hatch, then I'm done for the year as well. As long as my broody hens don't run off to make more nests!

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