Surprise! What type of chicken did we hatch?


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We accidently took over a classified thread from Yashar so we are moving thread here. We ordered some Silkie eggs from Chookschicks and when they hatched 2 or them did not look "right". They had yellow/grey legs and beaks instead of black they should have and no feathers on legs..... So we asked her about it and she realized that her south american hen that had been brooded under a silkie had managed to get into the silkie pen and laid her eggs there. Since the eggs are similar in size and shape and she had no idea her hen could get into the Silkie pens, we got a few "Surprises".
We love them. First hatch had two and my friend took all 9 of our first hatch home to her farm. Check them out at BonneTerreChick. Also here are a few photos of Lavender (the pullet) and Bandit (the cockerel).

This is Lavender a few days old.

This is Bandit. Both turned out beautiful.

Silly Bandit. about a week to 9 days old.

Lavender a week to 9 days old.

I will add more soon. This is slowing down DH's game. lol.

one day old. This is Houdini.

Not sure what she named this is at BonneTerreChick's farm now.
Blue or splash silkies. I just raise pets, so do not mind that her S.A. hen Houdina was/is so sneaky. She thought she had figured out which eggs were possibly Houdina's in last shipment, but like the magician she is, Houdina fooled her again with two more eggs we got sent....this time after she had been "making time" with a silkie roo. As my friend Bonne
TerreChick took both Lavender and Bandit to her farm, I was happy to get my own Houdini! The other mix is at the farm. Lavender and Bandit were supposed to be silkies too.

this is Houdini on Mother's Day.
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They were supposed to be silkies. They are not. As far as we can piece together, one of Chookschicks' south american hens decided she needed to lay her eggs in the same place she had been brooded....egg hatched by an adopted momma silky! and was sneaking back into the Silkie pen to lay her eggs. Chookschicks caught her doing it after we first posted our pictures and asked. Hoping my friend will post more recent pics.....they turned out gorgeous!
I am afraid that I too must vote roo. Sorry, I know you wanted a pullet. The clutch mate(Silkie-South Amer. cross) doesnt seem to have that noticable of a bump for a comb. Reminds me of the combs on the Silkie roosters you had me look at. Sorry..

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