survived animal attack, but with has stuck and crooked neck - help!

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  1. yuleth

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    Sep 15, 2009
    One of our hens was attacked by a raccoon or fox one evening a few weeks ago before we put the flock in the coop. She had no blood loss, but was a wreck for a week or so. We hand fed and watered her, thought she would surely die, but she's up and walking about now. She can eat and scratch as well, but only just.

    The problem is that her head is set back in her body, as they do when sitting back on their hunches, and can turn right and left, but can't come forward. When I feel up and down her neck, it's clear that her neck is stuck in an S shape, and feels oddly lumpy down near her body. And she is starting to show a painful swelling lump under her head, just to the left.

    Not sure how to show a photo in this forum; otherwise I would.

    Her neck is stuck in a crooked position; my hunch is that someone with sufficient know-how could probably pop it out of that stuck position. Is that possible? What else could be wrong?

    Please help. If anyone who can help lives around Sebastopol, CA, we'd appreciate your assistance. I'm afraid she'll die soon if we don't do something to get her neck right. Thanks!
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    Apr 20, 2009
    Quote:How old is this bird? Was the neck in that position from the beginning, or just now? Can she eat? What is her diet?

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