Suspected egg bound hen

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    Apr 26, 2011

    I have a one year old Delaware hen who is 3 days behind on her usual egg laying habits. I caught her on the nest box early yesterday and then went back out later and she had not layed but there was wet bedding where she had been. When I went out again yesterday she was out of the box and she was puffy, lethargic and not interested in treats which would usually cause her to come running. She has clear eyes and is eating and drinking. Has had small amounts of poop -mostly urates. Her bottom looks heavy when she is standing, and she feels more swollen than her twin sister but I have no idea what she should feel like and I am being careful not to squeeze her too much. She does have a heavy lice load but the other girls do not, so I suspect she hasn't been dust bathing. I dusted her and the rest of the girls with Louse powder last night.
    She has never been wormed. I bought Wazine last night but wasn't sure if I should give it to her now or if it'll tax her system? I gave her a 20 minute warm bath last night and after reading I think i'll do more baths with a little longer soak. I also did give her a small syringe of olive oil last night before bed (after reading a post on henblog)
    She's in a dog kennel in my bathroom currently. I've been reading all the past posts about parasites and egg binding. Do you think I am diagnosing her correctly? Should I worm her? Should she be allowed to move around or should she be restricted to the kennel? I doubt she will go back in it if I open up the door but I can remove the lid so she'll think of it more as a nest box. Should the lights be on/off in the bathroom?
    Sorry for the lengthy post but I so appreciate any information you can share!
    Thanks so much!
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    Mar 22, 2010
    sounds like you are doing all the right things, warm baths and lub her vent for being egg bound. Look up internal laying in the search to see if she has those symptoms, I would not worm her right now since she is already weak, her symptoms don't sound like worms, sounds like a laying problem. you can worm her when she gets better if you think she needs it

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