Sussex with Hiccups? Is she sick?

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8 Years
Jun 28, 2011
I found one of my sussex hens (9 months old) standing with her neck streched out feathers ruffled up against a wall and when she eats she gets spasms like hiccups. Is she ill? She's been doing this for a couple of days. She's still trying to eat but it she seems distressed. Not sure what approach to take to care for her. Any opinions will be helpful. Thanks.
Gape worm? Try putting a Q-tip in the throat and twist it to get a sample of possible gape worm. Pull it out and if its red with stringy looking Y worms then its gape. Might listen to the chest and if respy it could also be a respitory infection. Good luck!
Check her crop for fullness. She could have an impacted crop. When a chicken stands around kind of lethargic and slow with ruffled feathers, it usually indicates sickness.
Oh shoot...Her crop is like a balloon and she's skinny, boy these things come on as such a surprise. I thought they were all OK till two nights ago. I'm giving her scrambled eggs in olive oil and she's eating and belching and hiccupping. Does this sound more like sour crop or worms?

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