Svarthöna pairs (Woollies and smooth feathered)

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    I have some Svarthöna pairs available. $25 - $100 per pair. 10-18 weeks old. Price dependent on presence/lack of pigment holes.
    The Svarthöna is a rare Swedish landrace breed that is fibromelanistic (all black - comb, wattles, skin. meat, bones, etc.). Because they are a landrace, they are excellent foragers and the hens make excellent broodies. They are a kissing cousin to the famed Ayam Cemani, but are better layers and more hardy.
    Many of the pullets have pigment holes (white toe(s) and/or white wing feathers (those may molt out). A couple have all dark toes, but have a greenish cast to the legs. I have 1 or 2 very nice ones that have all black feet/toes. Most of the mouths are gray/pink to pink. Most of the cockerels have all black feet/toes and combs/wattles are still showing black, but too young to ensure they will remain as dark. I have 2 woolly (silky) cockerels available.
    These are from 2 different breeding pens and both pens are a mix of Ewe Crazy and GFF lines. Woolly carriers are possible in both groups.
    Pick-up in Sparta, KY, or surrounding areas. PM for more information.
    Pictures are of a few of them, taken end of May.
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