sweet EE 24 week old rooster free to good home

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    This is Hathor (the Eqyptian goddess of motherhood). We purchased him (as a female) when he was a week old with a few other EE pullets. He is 24 weeks old now and the neighbors are starting to complain about the noise. He's very sweet and lets me handle him without any problem. He is in fact, my favorite chicken. He is still enough of a baby to get bullied by the older hens so I think that he would be easier to integrate into a new flock. I really love this little guy and I hope he goes to someone local that will keep him as a pet (not for eating). I will not ship. I live in Escondido, Ca. (San Diego County)
    reply to this post for questions or PM me.
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    [​IMG] Sorry, I can't take him. Just had to tell you how much I enjoyed your BYC page. What a great story! Hope you find the right home for him.

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