Sweet Pea flowers OK if I'm vigilant?

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8 Years
Apr 7, 2013
Northern California
Looking for the plants experts out there!
I have a couple of flowering sweet peas in an area the chickens aren't allowed but of course they sneak in once in a while. I know the seeds are extremely toxic so I snap the seed pods off 1-2x a week as a precaution. Sweet Peas are on all poisonous plant no-no lists but I assume it is because of the seeds. I can't find any clear information on whether any other part of the plant is toxic. Does anyone know? Is this safe to have around chickens as long as I'm obsessive about the pods?
From what I have read, the Sweet Pea is poisonous only if ingested in large quantity. I doubt the chickens will eat that many, if any at all. My chickens don't bother any of the poisonous plants in my yard where they forage daily. (Azalea and daffodils)


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