Sweetest Rooster Contest!


Jun 14, 2016
This contest is for the sweetest Rooster! He could be giving a treat to his girls, sitting in the nest box with them, or being held! The options are endless! The contests ends August 30.
Form that MUST be filled out to enter
What he's doing:
And a funny (true) story for extra points!
(All Backyard Chickens Rules Apply)
Thank you!
one year old

Very tame-only aggressive to others when he is attacked first-actively helps care for chicks; leading them around and calling them when he has found a tidbit for them.


very caring telling his ladys he found food

posing for the camera which he loves

name: Oscar
breed: mixed breed
age: just turned 1
he is a good boy never tried to peck me on purpose and never tried to attack me if he wasn't so heavy I would pick him up and pet him he love it when i pet him he is a big boy he lost one of his spurs and he doesn't mind me putting Hen healer on it he just sits there and takes it
Name: Jack
Breed: Ameraucana
Age: About 6 months old
What's he doing: Perching on my shoulder like a macaw parrot. and yes its my profile picture. I have done this with the hens and my white leghorn.

Heres a better picture of his side to get an idea of what he looks like.

So a back story so you can understand the funny story. I raised all 8 of the ameraucanas in my room and sent 4 to my aunt and kept the other 4. Later we discovered that one of them we sent is a rooster and it wasn't a few months after that he attacked my aunt and she wanted him gone. Instead I talked to her and she let me have him and he's been really tame with me ever since. I think my jersey giant keeps him in check or something. All the ameraucanas where added later to my flock but the rooster was added much later from what I said about bringing him in from my aunts. Him and the other ameraucanas get along really nice and climb all over my farm equipment. I have a large bug zapper (on at night I know they see UV light well) and so theres a ton of dead bugs up there.

Pure English Silver Laced Orpington "Skip"
Skip is our sweetest and most friendliest English Rooster,
he is very gentle and loves to be held and passes his wonderful
behavior to his offspring's.Skip is spoiled by our family and our neighborhood.
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