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    Mar 31, 2010
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    I just need to vent here for a moment.......I live in the city, and there's stray cats all over the place. The last two that adopted me are dumpster cats......J.A.C. is a the most recent, and she is still partly wild, she hasn't decided if this house life is for her. When she turned up, she brought a litter of four and parked them on the porch. I'm a big fat sucker and fed them. Still do. The four kittens are wild, we're working on them because we would love to get them friendly enough to get adopted. We got the mother fixed as soon as she warmed up enough to be tricked into a box. So that's the back story....

    While at the vet's office with my adoptee Pudge, I mentioned I had a litter of young strays that I knew would start breeding soon. The vet asked ME what WE were gonna do about that litter and OFFERED to fix the males for $25. and the females for $45 and not charge the office call charge at all. Turns out there were three females and only one male. I trapped them and took them in. I just got the bill and it was $280.00........what the heck! I just feel swindled......and I'm sure he feels justified .....so the relationship of trust is broken and now I need to find a new vet....

    Thanks for listening, I just needed to scream into cyberspace!
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    call them on it, mis-communication happens alot. all they can say is no. seriously if the person that does the billing is not standing there when he makes the offer they have no way of knowing. worked for a vet just like that, phone em up. and good for you for having them fixed. [​IMG]
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    I would pay the 160 and tell him HE said, 45 per female cat, 25 for a male cat. That is all YOU can afford.
    You brought them in on good faith to be neutered by him per his price he quoted you.
    If he tries for more... tell him you may have to report him to the DVMA and the BBB for switch n bait pricing.
    Then DO not go to him again.

    Hope this helps
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    If your vet's office is anything like mine, the techs make out the actual bill. I am guessing something got lost in translation - better to call and inquire nicely than lose a vet that you like! [​IMG]
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    Yep. talk to him.

    I once had a regular doc that I almost dropped because of issues of miscommunication and refills on scrips. But, my sister (a doc) reminded me that these are businesses and if people don
    't tell the doc (owner of the business) s/he may not know they are losing customers over clerical foul ups. I told him and my problems were resolved quickly and there was a shake up in his staffing. Things are much better now.

    Give him the benefit of the doubt that it is a screw up.
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    Thanks for the objective advice everyone.....It helps to hear others' point of view that aren't emotionally "caught up" like I am at the moment!
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    Yes, talk to HIM, not his "staff".

    I used the same vet for years and years. We got along great. And then his wife joined the office staff. What a disaster. He would come out and see a horse, write me a bill and I'd pay it. THEN his wife would mail me a NEW bill with all the figures changed, note my payment, and show a balance due--often double what his was. Every single time I had to speak to him to finally get it straightened out because talking to her was an exercise in futility. I finally got tired of the hassle and found a new vet. Which was sad because he really was a great vet.

  8. kla37

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    Apr 18, 2010
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    Doctors and their billing staff don't always communicate well. I'm sure if you called and spoke to the individual doctor he would probably be more than happy to ask the financial person to change it.
  9. Imp

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    My vets do 2-3 quotes before they do anything. Cheapest, recommended, and potential extras, in writing. We discuss the options and I get to make a decision.
    Unfortunately the "cheapest is still rather expensive.
    It's always the techs that do the billing at the end of the visit. I occasionally have to remind them about the quote. It's never been a problem.

    Good luck,
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    Quote:He was probably completely covered up in work and didn't hear you right. Give him the benefit of the doubt and talk with him, remind him these are rescues you are fostering until good homes can be found. Any vet who is in it for the benefit of the animal would waive the fee. Use the right lingo = getting it done.

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