Swine Flu and Fuzzy Math.....

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    Hey folks..... Before you go rushing out to get vaccinated... Make sure you read this article thoroughly....... I put the link for the article at the end.

    Natural News
    September 1, 2009

    Here’s a seventh grade word problem for you: If swine flu has infected one million people and killed 500, how many people might be expected to die if it infects 150 million people (assuming no major changes in the virus)? The correct answer, of course, is 75,000 people, and that’s within the range of the number of swine flu deaths now being publicly predicted by the White House.

    But there’s another part to this word problem: How many vaccine shots and hand washings does it take to boost vitamin D levels in the average person

    The question, of course, makes no sense. Vaccine shots don’t boost vitamin D levels any more than eating pork infects you with swine flu. So why is the official advice on swine flu protection essentially limited to “wash your hands, get your vaccine shot and cough into your elbow?” (Seriously. I’m not making this up.)

    The Associated Press has distilled swine flu advice to “10 things you need to know.” None of those ten things include boosting your nutrition, getting more vitamin D or taking anti-viral medicinal herbs. They do, however, include hilarious explanations like “If you develop breathing problems, pain in your chest, constant vomiting or a fever that keeps rising, go to an emergency room.”

    Emergency room in a pandemic?

    Whatever for? They don’t bother to mention that in a pandemic scenario that strikes you with constant vomiting, the entire emergency room is likely to be overrun with other people joining you in a hospital room vomit fest.

    Nor do they mention some other important math: The very limited number of anti-viral medication courses available in the U.S. The last time I checked, that was roughly 50 million courses. If the U.S. population is roughly 300 million people, and there are 50 million courses of anti-viral meds available, how many Americans will have no access to those meds? (Ahem… 250 million people…)

    Here’s an even more interesting brain buster for you: If each vaccine shot generates $25 in revenue for drug companies, and the U.S. government orders the production of 160 million vaccines, how much money is Big Pharma making off the pandemic? That answer is roughly $4 billion in net revenues.

    But even that doesn’t count all the repeat business from the future victims who suffer neurological side effects from the vaccines and have to be institutionalized and subjected to high-dollar medical care for years on end. In all, a mass vaccination program could end up generating over ten billion dollars in revenues for drug companies.

    These numbers just don’t add up

    Now let’s look at some serious statistics: If one million people have already been infected with swine flu, and 500 have died, that’s a fatality rate of 1 out of 2000 people. Depending on which research you believe, vaccines might at most be credited with preventing 1% of flu deaths during any given flu season (and that’s being very generous to the vaccine). So here’s the question:

    How many people have to be vaccinated with the new swine flu vaccine to save ONE life from a swine flu fatality?

    (Notice, carefully, this question has never been asked in the mainstream media. That’s because the answer isn’t exactly what most people want to hear…)

    This question is easy to answer, actually. If the vaccine were 100% effective (that is, they prevented every death that would have otherwise occurred), they could be credited with saving 1 life out of 2000, right? Because that’s the normal death rate for this particular virus (these figures are widely quoted by AP, Reuters and the White House, by the way).

    But no vaccine is 100% effective. As I mentioned above, seasonal flu vaccines might — at a stretch — be credited with preventing 1% of the deaths that might otherwise have occurred. With this 1% effectiveness factor calculated back into the formula for swine flu (assuming the same 1% effectiveness factor), it turns out that you would have to vaccinate 200,000 people to save ONE life from swine flu.

    That puts a whole new perspective on the vaccine push, doesn’t it? 200,000 vaccines costs taxpayers roughly $5,000,000, and it subjects 200,000 people to the potential side effects of these vaccines which have never been subjected to any long-term testing whatsoever.

    It all begs the question: Is it really worth it?

    Is it worth spending $5 million and exposing 200,000 people to potentially dangerous vaccine side effects in order to prevent ONE death from swine flu? And why isn’t anybody breaking down the numbers on this issue and providing a serious cost / benefit analysis as I’m doing here?

    Let’s be generous to the vaccine…

    Vaccine pushers might argue that the vaccine is far more than 1% effective at preventing swine flu deaths. In their wildest dreams, they might imagine a death reduction rate of, say, a wildly optimistic 10%. But even considering that, is it worth it? If the vaccine stops 10% of deaths that would have otherwise occurred, that still means you’d have to vaccinate 200,000 people to prevent the deaths of ten people.

    I’m going to throw out a wild guess here and suggest that far more than 10 people will be killed by the vaccine itself, completely nullifying any net reduction in total deaths. Mathematically, you see, mass swine flu vaccinations make absolutely no sense given the very low rate of fatalities being observed right now.

    Just do something!

    Of course, public health policy is never based on sense. It’s based on politics. And the politics demand that “they DO something!” That’s what the public wants: Do something! It doesn’t matter if doing something is worse than doing nothing… they just want to see some action.

    It’s the same story with breast cancer screenings (almost completely useless), prostate cancer screenings (now proven to be far more harmful than helpful) and of course ADHD screening tests (which are only designed to trick parents into drugging their kids). Much of western medicine, it turns out, is complete hokum. We would all be better off without the screenings and without the vaccinations altogether.

    There’s a highly credible book on this subject by authors Gerald E. Markle and Frances B. McCrea. It’s called What if Medicine Disappeared? ( http://www.amazon.com/What-Medicine…)

    book argues quite persuasively (and with the citation of many convincing studies) that western medicine offers virtually no net gain in quality of life to the very people it claims to serve. Doctors, hospitals, vaccines and cancer clinics could all disappear tomorrow and most people would actually be far better off. Of course, no one disputes the value of having emergency rooms to handle acute trauma and accidents, but when it comes to preventive medicine and protecting quality of life, western medicine is a near-total failure.

    When it comes to swine flu vaccines, any honest look at the math reveals that 200,000 people will have to be vaccinated with a largely untested experimental vaccine in order to prevent the death of one person (or ten people, if you really believe in vaccines). Remembering that more than one person in 200,000 will almost certainly be killed by the vaccine itself, it really makes you wonder: What’s the point of all this?

    The point, of course, is to sell vaccines. It’s the one math problem that everybody understands: To make money, you have to sell a product, and there’s no better way to sell vaccines to 160 million people than to scare them into begging for injections that are statistically opposed their own self interests. But I suppose anything is possible in a country where state governments can punitively tax the poor by convincing them to play the lottery. People who play the lottery are very likely to be the same people getting vaccine shots: It’s like a lottery on your health, except that your odds of “winning” are far worse than your odds of winning something in a state lotto.

    Let’s see: You have a 1 in 1 chance of being injected with foreign viral matter, and yet you only have a 1 in 200,000 chance of your life being saved by it.

    Allow me to put this into perspective: You have a 40 times greater chance of being struck by lightning at some point in your life than having your life saved by the swine flu vaccine. (Source: National Weather Service statistics.)

    Mathematically speaking, getting a swine flu injection and hoping it will save your life is more foolish than buying a lotto ticket with your last dollar and hoping you’ll scratch off a multi-million dollar winning ticket.

    And buying a lotto ticket doesn’t risk the health of your nervous system, by the way. You can always earn back a buck, but restoring your nervous system after it’s attacked by a rogue vaccine can take years or decades. Some never recover. (Thousands died from the 1976 vaccines.)

    Pop quiz: What’s the actual cost of vaccinating 160 million Americans with an unproven, experimental swine flu vaccine?

    Answer: $1.6 billion plus countless victims with strange neurological disorders, comas and sudden death — all of which will be written off as “coincidence” by the vaccine pushers.

    Free flu shots for the unemployed

    As this article was about to go to press, I couldn’t help but notice a new announcement by CVS and Walgreens pharmacies. The powers that be are so desperate to get all Americans injected with this experimental vaccine that CVS and Walgreens are now offering free swine flu vaccine injections to anyone who doesn’t have a job!

    That’s right: Just show up, prove you’re unemployed, and you get jabbed at no charge. (Who said losing your job didn’t have some benefits, huh?) Conspiracy theorists might suggest this is a clever way to clear the streets of “useless eaters.” Just lure the jobless into some experimental vaccine program, inject them and send them on their way. Next, will retailers start handing out free Soylent Green too?

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    I whatched the 60 minutes report done in 79 on just what you are talking about. It seems the vaccine was not safe and you have to wonder if anything has changed. Now that Obama is endorseing it I am out completely. My family will not trust or take this vac. for any reason whatsoever.
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    You should see the counter in my kitchen....There is a whole basket of vitamins and hand sanitizer. lol.

    Everyone here is on multivit's, extra C and extra D. Older DS's have mini hand sanitizers in their pockets at school and work.

    Bought tissues with antibacterial stuff and I spray door knobs and handles 3 or 4 times a day and wipe down light switches with clorox wipees.

    No germs are getting in here. [​IMG]
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    Wow, that really makes you think. I generally don't get any flu shots. I did once, at my mother's urging, about 9 years ago, but being on the tight budget that I am on, it just never was a priority. Plus I never really thought it worked. My mom swears by the standard flu shot and she tries to get it every year. I don't. I wasn't planning on getting this swine flu shot either. I have been noticing that there seems to be no real value in vaccines as of recently, and I am still wondering if there's a link between autism and the MMR vaccine that they were beginning to link together back when I had my first daughter. I was so torn about vaccinating her since she has two first cousins on her father's side that are autistic. We found out later that it was hereditary somehow on their cousins' father's side since he has a niece and a nephew that are also autistic. What are the chances of having 4 kids, all first cousins, two being siblings, that are autistic? High odds if you ask me. Oh, and all were vaccinated too. I did vaccinate both my kids, and then I prayed. Now, I'm not sure that I would vaccinate if I had another child. I'm older now and I sure would research harder!
    I wasn't aware that the breast cancer screenings aren't effective. Are you referring to the self examinations or the mammograms? And I'm glad I don't have to worry about a prostate exam. I feel for guys. A lot of supposed methods of prevention seem so evasive. I watched my poor cousin sit on her kitchen floor drinking a gallon of a horrid pasty substance so that she was prepared for her colonoscopy the next day. And when she told me what the test entailed, I wanted to cry for her. All because there is a history of colon cancer on her father's side of the family. She has to have the test performed every few years now for the rest of her life too. [​IMG]
    I'm going to be doing some more reading up on all the current information on medicines and vaccinations. Oh, and all those prescription medicines? I think most of them are useless too. My mom was miserable and felt like crap when she was on her meds for her blood pressure and diabetes, but once she got off them, she feels good again. She just watches what she eats and she has energy again and feels good. Makes you wonder about those too. I liked reading your post, it was enlightening. Thanks for sharing.
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    I just picked up another bottle of this...


    Vitamin D supplementation in food doesn't come NEAR reaching the level of vitamin D used in the body per day. The average woman uses 4000iu and men use about 6000iu. You need more if you already have a condition like diabetes or obesity.

    "H1N1 Swine Flu and Vitamin D—A Brief Word

    As the H1N1 swine flu pandemic looms, it is heartening that Dr. Alexandra Yamschchikov and colleagues at Emory University conducted the first meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials of Vitamin D treatment of infections, concluding that significant scientific evidence exists to support further research of Vitamin D treating, not just preventing, infections like the flu. The only mistake I can see is that she confused activated Vitamin D and one of its analogs with Vitamin D. Yamshchikov AV, Desai NS, Blumberg HM, Ziegler TR, Tangpricha V. Vitamin D for treatment and prevention of infectious diseases: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials. Endocr Pract. 2009 Jul–Aug;15(5):438–49.

    If you have been taking 5,000 IU per day for several years, you know Vitamin D helps, but certainly does not prevent all respiratory infections. Because H1N1 swine flu may be deadly, besides taking 5,000 IU per day every day (1,000 IU for every 25 pounds of body weight for children) to prevent deficiency, make sure you have some 50,000 IU capsules of Vitamin D on hand this winter.

    I recommend 2,000 IU per day per kilogram of body weight (which is about 1,000 IU per day for every pound of body weight) for three days at the first sign of influenza. While there are no randomized controlled trials showing it will help, there is a randomized controlled trial showing such doses will not hurt. This month, Dr. Bacon and colleagues at the University of Auckland found that a single dose of 500,000 IU (half a million units) did no harm to the elderly; a month after a single 500,000 IU dose, Vitamin D levels were about 40–50 ng/mL; two months later they were deficient again, only 30 ng/mL. "
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    The more people that contract H1N1 causes worry that this virus will infect livestock, combine with other flu viruses and become a bigger nightmare in the future. If vaccines reduce the amount of people infected the thought is this reduces the chance livestock become infected and create a cross species mega virus.

    It's fair time, many fairs are cancelling swine (they can't give you H1N1, but YOU can give it to them) exhibits because people cannot be trusted to wash their hands, etc. Poultry exhibits could be next.

    I will take the vaccine if it is available.
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    Quote:Watch the report before you decide one way or the other.
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    i've been watching this with my head cocked slight to the right... like a dog hearing a funny noise.

    just so's i got this right.... about half the people in this country will get a flu-ish thing this winter. really. shocking.

    will i get a quickly developed vaccine?

    heck no.

    guns. gates. grow our own poultry. we're ready for the end of civilization as we know it. and if the townsfolk show up with pitchforks and torches for my pigs they'll get a fight. i'm defendin' my bacon!

    wait weren't we all supposed to die from crazy chicken flu??

    its official. people are crazy. (head shaking...going out to close gate.....)
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    Another problem is the reported case are only about 5% of the infected, hospitals are not testing people, the local h confessed to the local tv station after a child died that it has not tested a single person and if a person wanted to be test go to a doctor not the hospital.

    my dd had it in may and the ER doc didn't even tell us!! the pham at walgreens told me!! he said the drugs she was given , he had never seen given to a child , he had to call the manufacture to find out how to mix for a child. he said it's the standard treatment for the swine flu . we ended up in the ER because it comes on fast , her nose was running on saturday , by sunday morning she was in pain with a high fever so we got dressed and spent sunday in the ER waiting room.

    the report yesterday on the shot is now showing sideeffects like one sided weakness like a stroke! (of coarse they said it's easily treated [​IMG] )
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