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12 Years
Jan 29, 2011
Niles, MI
We have 2 coops/runs that share a wall of chickenwire. The smaller currently has a trio of Jersey Giant's in it. The larger has 14 chickens, some standard size, some silkies.

Here is my thought...I'd like to take my smaller chickens (3 hens, 1 silkie mama and baby, and 1 roo) and put them in the smaller set-up and move my JGs over to the bigger one, with the standards. The JG's and others have been interacting through the shared fencing since about September.

So, what I'm looking for experiences and insights before I do this.
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I see no problem with your plan. But I would not expect the giants to move right into the other coop right away. Same with the tiny ones. What I would do is open both pens and let them all mingle and roam for a week or so before attempting to have them roost in different coops. Chickens are usually reluctant about change, and letting them adjust at their own pace is easiest.

From what I've heard and read, the gentle giants should prove to be no problem with the standards and even the small ones. I would encourage them to explore the new coops by inviting them to enter the pop holes. They may surprise you and make the move on their own sooner than you would think.
Roaming isn't an option due to predators. I do appreciate your reply and it made some good points. I think the JG's are very sweet and will get along nicely with their new coop mates.
Update: My darling husband helped with the switcharoo tonight after everyone had gone to bed. I have to tell you it was pretty comical and made for a fun little activity.
Especially when I told him he wasn't moving fast enough. He said "Well I didn't know we had to run for this deal" I'm still laughing.

Seems like everyone fits much better now. And bonus, I think I may have some room for a few more silkies!

Everything seems calm for the night. We shall see what they think about things in the morning.
Are things still going well?

Ah Ha, "Room for more silkies"? Methinks you have just revealed your true motives for the switcharoo --- chicken math strikes once again.
Who me?????

Things are going very smoothly. Harley our JG Rooster has a new flock of girlfriends and room to move around. The silkies fit much better in the smaller set up. No drama except for Harley being, well, very happy to be over in his new digs.

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