Switching to a nipple water system

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    So I have seven week old baby chicks that I finally was able to move outside into their coop. I want to use the nipple system so I bought one from the store and put that in the pen. I took them over to it and tapped their beak on it and then kinda pecked it myself with my finger. No one would use it. That was two days ago. I read on here that you need to be patient and not use any other water while switching them over. The thing is is that I have still not seen them drink out of it. Granted I am not out there 24/7 and I have not seen them eat either but at least I can see the food going down. I am not sure if the water is going down or not. How long can chicks last without water? Do you think after two days they are drinking and I am just missing it? At this point I am starting to dread going out there thinking I am going to find a chick died of dehydration.

    Also, this is a vertical water system. I eventually want to use a horizontal one. Once they get the nipples down they will not have a problem switching will they? Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it.
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    They shouldn't have a problem switching. They'll have the idea by then.
    To be healthy, you don't them to go over 24 hours without water.
    I have a few suggestions. Put a water fount in there and see if they act like they're dehydrated.
    Take it back out and then mark the water level on your nipple reservoir.
    Make sure the nipples are at eye level. That will entice them to peck.
    Go out in the morning at dawn when they come off the roost and watch them. That's when they are guaranteed to want a drink.

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