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Jun 16, 2013

I have a silkie that has a swollen abdomen and has had it 3 days. She eats, drinks, waddles and poops. It feels like it is filled with liquid but heavy. I did the internal exam and felt no egg or blockage. I have read about draining it but have no clue how to. Also, would it do any harm? Thanks for any help.
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Type 'ascites' in the search bar at the top of the page and do an on site search. Multiple threads will appear. I believe this is what your hen has.
After reading up on ascites it does sound like my gal. How do i drain the liquid tho?
I found a couple of good videos on youtube about draining the fluid. We had to do it with our hen too.
Thankfully, my husband does the scary work and I do the holding.
Thanks so much. I saw the videos after you told me. I will try this evening if i can stand to. Unfortunately my husband does the holding. :/
Lol. Actually this will probably cause an uproar from readers, but we did nothing. The swelling is much less, she eats, drinks, poops and runs around like normal! I saw on line that if she is doing o.k. let it go down by itself. That seemed the best for her and us:). So somehow she is doing great so far. Thanks so much for asking, and for offering up your husband! !
Yes, I would do the same thing if she is acting fine. Ours is still doing well, although we have had no eggs. I'm pretty sure she in an internal layer, but at long and she is doing well and happy we will keep her around.
Did you have to drain it more than one time? We have 7 silkies so i can't know if she is laying, but i doubt it. I hope she doesn't though!

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