Swollen cheek cured with garlic


6 Years
Sep 25, 2013
Hi I thought I would report my experience of treating a cheek abscess in my silkie Hamburg cross. Her cheek and neck on one side were swollen, the lump was hot and tight suggesting an abscess. I read info on the internet which suggested cutting or expensive vets treatment and decided to try something safer and cheaper first. I made some strong garlic water by pouring boiling water over several cut cloves and keeping this in a jar. For 1 week I used a plastic syringe to administer a dose of the water into her mouth once a day. The swelling started to go down after 2 days and a distinct pea size lump was in the cheek, after a week it was almost gone. Now a couple of days later her face is completely back to normal. It would be worth trying this treatment before antibiotics or surgery. It should be noted that other than the swelling she was not looking poorly and was eating and drinking normally.
Thanks Yvette for this info. I have a Legbar roo that has a swollen check. I thought it had been from an encounter with my BA roo but it has not gotten any worse, nor any better. It is hot and swollen so something is going on there. I'll try the garlic water you suggested. Thanks!!

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