Swollen crop and vent gleet-hasn’t healed in over 2 months???


Jun 6, 2020
Two of my chickens have been displaying vent gleet for about two months now. We have been bathing them with Epsom salts and applying canesten thrush cream on their vents. They haven’t seemed to be getting any better. About a month ago, another chicken looked like it was on the edge of death (it was fine in the morning, and suddenly turned), with an enormous crop that I could massage but would refil instantly, and a bloody vent. It died that night. Today, one of the original two came up looking the same as that one. I am terrified she will die as well.
I know an avian vet is preferable, but this is my mom’s farm and she does not want to pay for or find an avian vet, but I cannot sit inside knowing a bird is out there suffering and I am letting it die, and that more will die if I don’t treat them. What is this? Viral? Fungal? It’s clearly contagious or from a source they all have access to. Please help!

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