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    Oct 28, 2012
    Hi; I am rather new to owning chickens; almost 10 months now.

    We have a little chick who is a Light Brahma; Daisy Jane as we call her, is about 3 weeks old now.
    I noticed about 5 days ago when I went out to the barn she had an eye shut.
    We quickly took her inside to inspect further and separate her.

    She has no discharge.
    She eats and drinks fine.
    The eye is red and swollen some days more than others.
    The swollen part, sometimes is lower than her eye, and sometimes looks like her eye is swollen.
    She looks and acts healthy except for the eye.
    She grooms herself, flutters around, chirps and her poo looks normal.

    I looked inside the eye and tried to flush out. I couldn't see anything.
    When she does open the eye, it looks normal though not as bright as her other eye.
    She itches it a lot. We made a jacket for her....she hates it.

    We've done the following;
    Flushed eye out with Bausch & Lomb Bio true (multi purpose eye wash for humans
    Flushed eye out with Vetericyn eye wash
    Apply VetRx inside her beak
    Applied drops of Ofloxacin to her eye (thinking that possibly she could have scratched it?)
    Applied Neobacimyx Ophthalmic Ointment to inner eye lid.

    Nothing seems to be really helping. All of the other 25 chicks are doing fine.
    The loft barn/chicken coop (12x20) is new, I just got it in April.
    I use shavings on the floor.
    All pullets, roosters and chicks are 3.5 months or less.
    The older ones are separated from the chicks by wire mesh door.
    I keep the barn clean.
    Waterers get washed daily and feed is up off the floor.
    All chickens are clean.
    The chicks have not been outside or barn.

    I took a couple of shots of her along her little drape.

    Does anyone have any idea what this might be? She appears healthy, and the flock seems the same.
    However, I know your eyes heal quickly and this seems to be lingering.

    Any thoughts anyone has or suggestions on what you think I should do. When I search for swollen eye, most come up saying worm eye....from a cockroach....I have never even seen one on our property. I don't think her eye looks like the pics I have seen though I am concerned. I know it hurts her as she screams when I flush it.

    Side Shot of Daisy Jane's eye
    Another view
    Today there looked like a tiny little crust on edges but no pus or discharge from anywhere
    Her other eye, looks bright and from this angle you think nothing is wrong
    Tried to take a front shot to show how eye is swollen a bit
    Is that not a cute little butt! Here is the drape/collar I made her...will post another post in case it will help someone
    Wanted to make sure she could potty without issues!

    Here is side angle of her little drape, she wasn't happy about wearing it!

    Thanks for the help.


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