Swollen foot - need advice please ---


11 Years
Apr 23, 2008
Central Louisiana
One of my males has a swollen foot -- it's not bad but he is leery of putting weight on it -- I can't see any signs of a wound or anything -- my initial thought is maybe he flew down off the roost & landed wrong on it -- he will put *some* weight on it -- but he doesn't like to walk to it. it appears to be swollen around the center "big toe" area.

Any suggestions as to what I should do would be greatly appreciated.
Your probably right, i would just keep an eye on him, sometimes leaving untreated is best ,let nature do it's magic ,bet he will be fine in a couple weeks
My cameo hen riped her toe nail off flying up on ther car port and she limped for a while, it took a few months for that nail to grow back, i did not think it would.

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