Swollen foot

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May 27, 2017
My welsummer has a slightly swollen right foot. From what I can see no scab underneath and scales look ok? Eating and acting ok..any thoughts??
Does she favor it? Peck at it? Hold it up against her belly? Limp when she walks?

If it's not affecting her, I would just keep an eye on her.
She has the tiniest of limps..no pecking, no lifting up. I grabbed her tonight and looked underneath..looks like the dreaded bumblefoot ;( I have no experience with it..doing some reading now
Soak for twenty minutes in warm Epsom salt water. Scrape the loosened scab off with your nice blue thumbnail and lift out the pus kernel. It should be attached to the scab. If you see any more pus, waxy stuff, scrape it out.

Clean very well with soap and water or Betadine. Then squirt with Vetericyn, let dry, then goop on some antibiotic ointment and bandage well so no dirt gets in. You can let her go back to her dirty life and check the wound again in two days.

If it is a shallow case, you may be able to leave the bandage off, but you may need to soak again and re-bandage.

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