Swollen noses and watery eyes please help


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
Please help I've had this hen for almost a year and I notice about a month ago her eyes were bubbly so we pulled her out of the coop and started her on meds. she got better and the eyes stopped bubbling. then my polish chicken got sick and she got it again but now we cant kick it. The polish chicken is all better but my hen isn't. and now her nose is all swollen and I feel bad about it. and my rooster is being so mean to her and ripping her feather out of the back of her neck. they have been together since day one. I went to the feed store and the lady gave us a powder to mix in a gallon jug and we have been doing that but its not getting any better. the one side is huge and i notice today when I fed her that the other side is starting to get bigger. I'm not sure what to do. I know there is a injection I can give her but should I do something? else is it too late? My granny told me is sounded like a respiratory problem but I just don't know what to do for her I feel so bad... any help please :)
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You cangive them Tylan 50 as a shot in the breast for 3days, or by mouth for 5 days. Give 1 ml, and rotate sides for injection every day. It's definitely a respiratory infection such as mycoplasma or coryza, and probably will keep coming back in more chickens. You need to either close your flock or think about culling the sick ones.
yea I was just going to treat all of them and be done with it. so where can I get the meds from? thank you for all your help...

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