Swollen Toe?


8 Years
Jan 26, 2011
My house :D
One of my Plymouth rock hens who is just over a year old has a swollen toe. The swelled area is near the base of the underside of her middle toe on her left foot. I noticed it yesterday because her left foot was sticking out a little too far like it was painful to stand on. She was also shaking. What is it and what can I do to fix it?
I looked at pictures of bumblefoot but it's in the middle part of their foot not on their toe in the pictures I've seen. Can they get it on their toe? I just looks swollen now; I don't see any discolored areas where bacteria could be growing.
Bumblefoot usually shows a thickened dark scablike spot on the foot. It would probably be on the bottom of the foot.

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