Swollen Vent but not Egg Bound?

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    We have a small bantam hen who's a year old. She used to lay 1 egg every day until she became broody. I let her sit on eggs for 30 days and then had her free roam again. She's been fine for 2 weeks, still not laying eggs but not broody either. This morning I woke up to hear her squaking her head off so I ran out and there appeared to be nothing wrong. I did find what seemed to be her egg in the nest. It'd be the first egg she's laid in a while and I'm not positive its hers but pretty certain. So I went about my day and she kept squaking. So I went back out and checked her vent and it seems to be swollen but doesn't appear to be egg bound? We sat her in a warm bath tub for about 10 minutes and now not sure what to do for her. She's alert but calmer then she'd normally be. Something is off and I have no idea what. Anyone have any idea whats going on or what I can do for her? I don't have preperation H but I do what chaffing cream for butts?? I also have antibiotics given to me by the vet once for some sick chicks I had at one point. What would you suggest I do for her? Thank you!

    P.S. Just found out she's also pooping normally.
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    I would leave her be. It can take up to 6 weeks to resume laying after being broody. If she has already resumed that was quick. Chickens don't squawk a lot when unwell, they become quite and isolated. She sounds more like she's making alarm calls, whether real or made up. Being egg bound is rare. Hens get lethargic and sick, often with droopy wings.

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