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12 Years
Nov 26, 2008
Neenah, WI
one of my hens had a broken egg in her vent, I cleaned her up and now have her in the house, but her vent and backside is very swollen. is there anything I can do to help. she calm right now and puffed up a little. It smells too, not rotten, just bad, like sour poo.
I really don't know, She was fine last night, and she seemed fine this morning, the egg shell didn't have much poo on it, I'm thinking the last 4-6 hours?
Nurse here. Agreed on the ointment. I would use Preparation H or Neosporin (or whatever antibiotic ointment you have;) actually I'd probably alternate them. Will at least be soothing to her, make her more comfortable, and hopefully also help healing.

Be sure NOT to use one that has a "caine" ingredient -- used to kill pain -- like novocaine, benzocaine, etc.
if you can go to a vet and get some [amoxicillin]
it will help with the infection.
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