swollen waddles

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    [​IMG] does anyone know what is wrong with my young roo? this side is the most swollen but the other side is enlarge also we have started an antibiotic for the all the birds hopefully it isnt very serious....
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    Nov 8, 2009
    Is he sneezing or gasping? I just had a huge peach pit sized thing pop out of my rooster
    s swollen wattle- so weird. Is it hard or still fleshy but just big?
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    Mar 1, 2012
    It could be a snake bite or other venemous creature/bug bite. I have a sex link that was bit by a rattle snake in the face. The wattles swelled up terribly and turned purple. I thought for sure we would loose her. She didn't eat for days and could hardly move. Finally the swelling begin to lesson. Thats when I observed the fang marks. After two weeks she looked much better and after a month she begin to lay eggs again. She is still one of our best laying hens today.
  4. Are the wattles hot? We had a wattle problem here for a bit. The roosters that are penned separate, I put Lincomycin Spectinomycin in their water and they were fine after 3 days. Then my daughter's rooster developed the same thing and he was in with a bunch of hens. I didn't want to medicate everybody so I made a pill for him. I had a little bit of hard boiled egg yolk, some yogurt, 1/32 tsp of the medicine, and some cornmeal. I have a 1/8 tsp measurer and I used about 1/4 of this spoonful of medicine. I mixed the medicine into the yogurt and egg yolk then put that into some cornmeal (to make a pill that I could give to him). Just keep coating the yogurt mix with cornmeal til you can handle it and then stick it in the back of his mouth so that he will swallow it. Her rooster was fine the very next day. Next time this comes up, I won't administer it for 3 days, I'll just make a pill.

    LS-50 is one mix that is commonly found, a water soluble powder.
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    That looks more like a swollen earlobe than a wattle. Search the threads here for swollen earlobe. I think antibiotics are indicated.
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    unfortunately he died... dont know what it was hope it isnt catchy have 10 other silkies

    if any one has a guess I'd appreciate it...

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