Swollen/warm leg weeks after injury

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Mar 16, 2017
Our cornish rock hen was injured about a month & a half ago when the wind blew our coop over. She spent a week or so not walking much, then began walking with her leg out straight beside her. About two weeks ago, I couldn't see any difference in her gate and thought she was better. We took the other CR's to butcher, but with her injury she had not grown as much as they had so she got to stay. About 4 days ago, she started limping again, then yesterday I noticed her leg was starting to swell. Last night it was hot to the touch, but she had also been laying on it. Today, it's a little warmer than the other leg, but not hot. The swelling hasn't changed since this morning.
Now I've looked for possibilities on this site, but there seems to be no other injuries, no spots, swelling is even through the whole leg & foot.
I'm assuming there's some kind of infection between the swelling and heat. If you know what cellulitis is, it reminds me of that in human terms & symptoms. I've never medicated a chicken before so this is new to me.
Cornish rocks and crosses are notorious for leg problems. I would wonder if it had perosis, or slipped tendon. How old is it?
It definitely could be growth related. Maybe have a look at the meat forum, I haven't looked in that forum too often, but leg troubles are common in meat chickens. Watch for twisting of the leg, or it sticking out in a weird way.

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