Symptoms of red mite

Red mites don't live on chickens but in the cracks of wood (like roosts or stumps in the yard) and come out to feed on them.

This link doesn't show the red mites... but it does the other kind...

This one does include Red Mites...

Symptoms I would note are birds refusing to got to roost and angry red skin around the vent/abdomen area.

Easiest way to treat as far as I know is a permethrin based spray, but not sure if it's available in your country.
Posting a pic might give a better description... but do you have a rooster?

Older birds may be starting to molt.

There are many types of mite, some are microscopic and we will never see them... just the symptoms like you say... one would be balding, the feather follicles might be irritated. Red or scabby skin when it should be light pink like a baby.
What are the symptoms of red mite?
And what is the best way to sort it out?
You need to actually see the mites themselves.
Do not treat unless you have eye-witness proof they are there.
If you do find them, permethrin spray and/or dust is the first line of eradication.

Have you checked them over real well for mites and/or lice?
-Google images of lice/mites and their eggs before the inspection so you'll know what you're looking for.
-Part the feathers right down to the skin around vent, head/neck and under wings.
Best done well after dark with a strong flashlight/headlight, easier to 'catch' bird and also to check for the mites that live in structure and only come out at night to feed off roosting birds.
...and wipe a white paper towel along the underside of roost to look for red smears(smashed well fed mites).

This is the best description I've seen on telling the difference between the main two chicken mites:
heres a picture...sorry abt the duff quality
its the brown Bovans that are affected the worst...
heres a picture...sorry abt the duff quality
its the brown Bovans that are affected the worst...View attachment 1563120
Very indicative of over mating... not enough ladies for that young of a stag, or maybe he has favorites. Sometimes the hens might have more brittle feather quality causing this type of damage... but putting your boy on a tether so ladies can approach as they want could be one option. I keep my stags separate until they gain some maturity. Some people use saddles or aprons while some people say that causes hens to over heat.

It looks much more like mating damage than mites. Their feathers will NOT repair themselves until they molt. They're pretty ladies, I can see why he like them! :love

I would still suggest figuring out a way to curtail the issue as they need feathers to stay warm, avoid sunburns, and something for the cockerel to hold onto when mating. But I would not currently be treating or worried about mites/lice... unless see the red skin under the vent (egg whole), or feather damage in other areas.

Aart gave good info as well. My roosts are clean from them nasty buggers as I treat and inspect on a regular basis... but stumps in my yard where my birds hang out, I KNOW have them as I have SEEN them. Knowing if things are around and their symptoms is still good, EVEN if that isn't the current indication. Good to be aware. :highfive:

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