synchronised laying


10 Years
Jul 19, 2009
Palmerston North
I have got two ex battery hens that I have retrained to perch, forage and laying in nesting boxes. That took close to two months with trial and error.
Then they finally got back into lay after moulting and laid sporadically. 3 weeks ago they synchronised their laying days. Now both of them would lay from Monday to Saturday and have Sunday off three weeks in a row now. How bizzare!! Must be christian
Not only that their time of lay is the same each day of the week every week. 7am on monday, about 8 on Tuesday, 9am on wednesday and it goes on like that until saturday after lunch.
Definitely didn't teach them to do that.
I think it takes about 25 hours for the egg to develop and be the time sounds perfect and you know, you should rest on Sundays......listen to your chickens!!

BTW....good job on the rescue and caring fo them so well!!!
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LOL...I do try to rest on sundays but always fail. Serving on the music team at church everyweek so sunday is no rest and after church it only works when the weather is bad and I can't get anything done in the garden
its all good. But is is amazing what the animal kingdom can teach us.

The ex battery hens are doing very well and they are very very friendly. SOmetimes when i am digging around the vege garden I let them out and they hang around me to get treats of bugs and all sorts. They are like my little garden helpers. That is how I get rid of all my snails too. I have collected a bucket of them and give them a few each day. They love it and the eggs' shells are nice and thick.

Just to share a pic of Rosie with her egg as well as Ginger's

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