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    May 31, 2009
    I don't know what's going on with my pheasant babies [​IMG] We started out with 8 happy seemingly healthy babies we hatched in our inc and we are now down to 2 babies. Last night all 3 were running around happy eating and all seemed fine and this morning we have lost another and another seems to be on its way out. The one the died today had a swollen foot but was fine last night.The one that seems to be next keeps scratching its eye and rubbing its beak back and forth on the ground and its eye seems alittle weepy.It is also "gasping",almost like it is choking.We are feeding them chick started for game birds.We thought maybe some bug was bothering them but we keep their cage cleaned and have seen no signs of bugs.We have also have noticed that they seem to like to eat from above? We have always raised chickens and they peck the ground at your finger and eat these guys do MUCH better if we wet our finger get some food stuck to it and wiggle our finger at their eye level? Someone please help [​IMG]
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    Do you still have chickens and do you wash your hands between handling the chickens and handling the pheasant chicks? The Wheepy eyes and gasping sound like coryza or something similar which is something chickens can carry without being affected but is deadly to gamebirds of any sort.
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    What do you have for a brooder set up?What temperature are you brooding them?Is there a draft that can get to them?Bedding?Do you give vitamins and electrolytes?
    I will think of more ?'s I'm sure.
    In N.H.,Tony.

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