Tail feathers down a sign of depression?

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    Dec 5, 2016
    A dog killed 2 of my 4 hens a couple days ago. The 2 remaining chickens are uninjured physically but now both of them have their tail feathers down. Does anyone know what this means? Are they super sad? It's making me more sad... can't get any chicks to add back to the flock til spring so what should I do?
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    Chickens can and do form very close friendships with other flock members. We recently had to cull almost half the flock due to a nasty disease, and it took them around two weeks before they started acting completely normal again. Our three brahma girls were very close friends, but after Platypus went to heaven, Peaches and Cooties got quite a bit more aggressive to each other. They still haven't gotten over it completely, but they don't just sit around (unless they're on my lap ;] ).
    A droopy tail is typically a sign of sickness. Are they eating and drinking? Is there any goop in their eyes and nose? If they don't perk up in a few days there is probably something more serious going on. Feel around their abdomen for a stuck egg. Egg binding is the #1 cause of death in laying hens, so if they feel bloated, lock them in the coop so they don't have to move alot to get food and water.
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