Take a Look at these guys!(pic heavy)


12 Years
Jul 18, 2007
Grass Valley, CA
Hi Everyone,
Seems that, like so many others, I have some extra roos that I would like to re-home. Three, as a matter of fact. They are all about one year old and nice enough. What that means is they have not attacked me (okay, Rocky did when he was coming of age, but a couple of shots with the hose took care of that), but they are not overly friendly - no climbing onto your lap for hugs and kisses, but they will come and eat out of your hands. I live about an hour NE of Sacramento, and am willing to drive an hour, maybe an hour and a half to meet you. Here are some pictures of the boys - Rocky - a Barred Rock, Henry - a Buff Orphington, and Cockey Lockey - not really sure, probably Barred Rock or maybe Sex Link? Not too sure. If you're interested in any (or all), PM me with your number and I'll give you a call.

Rocky -



Henry -



Cockey Lockey -



Sorry about the pictures of Cockey Lockey - he wasn't really feeling like being photographed!

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Wouldn't someone like to take one of these pretty boys home? The girls will love them
An Easter Chicken, perhaps?
Very handsome roos....

Have 8 myself, don't need anymore right now... Someone will come along a give them a new home...
Okay, last call on these beautiful boys. I need to find them homes soon or it's off to the feed store. (Or maybe I'll take them to Fair Oaks, a little town near here that actually has feral chickens running around the entire downtown area. I'll do a drive-by - early morning, car pulls up to the park, door opens, confused roosters shoved out, door closes, car pulls away with tires squealing
). Seriously though, if anyone's interested, please send me a pm soon.
Yes take them to Fair Oaks..... at least they can have a chance there.....that is if nobody takes them

Maybe it would atract less attention if you left the tires squealing part out!
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