Taking a Chicken for a Walk


Crossing the Road
14 Years
Sep 19, 2009
Holts Summit, Missouri
There has been discussion about use of a leash to walk a chicken like a dog. I have not tried that yet, but likely will to see what it is about.

For now I can let several of my birds down and they will follow me. Started testing limits this morning using a cockerel of about 16 weeks that is not among my tamest. We jumped into truck to take a Road Trip to Riverside Park in Jefferson City. The we got out to start walking. This was first time this guy got to go of property.


This picture looks fake with "Big Muddy" in the background.
Hehe, I had a chicken that would take road trips with me. Go to Lowes and all that, even to the poultry auction. People got a kick out of him just following me around. I never used a leash with him as he never wondered off no more then a few feet. He was a white silkie rooster. He passed a few months ago due to a very terrible Guinea attack. But now I have a goose and a sheep that do this.
He flies up to hand when given a reward and calls.
If you show them love, and give them treats a chicken will bend over backwards to please you. I have learned this. Using love and food, I have not met a chicken that didn't want do something for me. I even was able to potty train a chicken house chicken. She used to come in my house and lounge on the couch and watch John Wayne movies.

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