taking a chicken to school today, any tips please?

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9 Years
Apr 13, 2010

We're taking one of our production reds to my daughter's 3rd grade class. We picked Sissy, our most calm and socialized bird. We plan on putting her in a pet carrier and we're going to bring some of their feed, maybe some kind of treat, some pictures of when they were babies in the brooder and some of their coop, and a dozen eggs to show the kids. I'm not sure yet how much time we'll have, maybe 5-10 minutes or so.

Anyway, I've never taken any of my chickens anywhere(not even to a vet) so I'm wondering how this will go. I've seen other posts about bringing chickens to school, so I'd love a few tips!

I may not boil the eggs(although that is a good idea) because I'm gonna see if the teacher wants them

and by the way, Smithville? we're practically neighbors! I'm in Nashua!
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I am curious to see your reply because I will be taking one of our to my son's kindergarten class. I plan on allowing them to pet her only approaching from the rear, so no pecking or nipping. I do plan to bring eggs, but only one or two to show. Absolutely each child shall wash their hands after petting the chicken. Oh, I was thinking of some cute chicken-y treat for the kids like cupcakes decorated, or such.
It went suprisingly well!
we put Sissy, one of our most docile production reds, in a cat carrier. brought a couple trays of feed and BOSS, and plenty of newspaper. I didn't know whether or not we could get her all the way out of the cage, or how she'd react, but she sat with me on paper while my daughter and I took questions from the kids. The whole time she just sat there, never tried to flap her wings or wiggle away from me. and then we had the kids go back to their desks so I could bring the chicken around for them to pet her, she was so calm, she even fell asleep!
I was so proud of my Sissy! the kids absolutely adored her, and the teacher was super excited to get the dozen eggs we brought.

Doing it again, I would have made more of a presentation of it. we had a few pictures to show, but I wish I'd spent more time getting better photos(of the coop, when they were babies, etc.) and made up a nice foamboard display. I also would have engaged our audience a little more, with some fun trivia or fun facts, etc.
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