Taking away chicks from mama

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CK Chickadilly

11 Years
Sep 11, 2008
West Michigan
When is a good time to take away chicks from the mama? or should she just keep raising them?

I have no real plans for them other than selling some when they get bigger.
would it be better to take them away from mom so they become friendlier by having me handle them more? or maybe it doesn't matter how friendly they are?
If your planning on selling them when they are older, and you cant enteract with the while with mom, you might take them so they are friendly. If your planning on selling them or giving them away, can I ask why wait? Or do you just want to see momma with her babies for awhile?

Remember if you take them, you will be there momma, feeding watering suppling a safe warm place and shavings for them to walk on, cleaning the brooder etc, then as they get bigger you will want to put them in bigger brooders winter is coming and it might get to cold to let them outside without a lamp, so you will have to put them in a small pen with a lamp for awhile.
OR momma can do all that, OR you could let them go now and let that be someone elses project.

If you can not play with them while with momma, they will probably be nicer hand raised.

Good luck

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