taking chicks out of the incubator


7 Years
May 13, 2012
Long Island, New York
i know that during lockdown you're not supposed to open the incubator at all... so i was wondering if you have to wait until all of the chicks hatch before you can take them out of the incubator... Thanks!
I always waited until 24 hours after the first chick had hatched. I'm not sure what conventional 'modern' wisdom dictates.
personally i remove the chicks when they are fluffy as long as you only briefly take the lid off and none of the others are hatching it should be ok
I have had to remove them before 24 hours as sometimes they wont leave other hatching eggs alone and climb all over the eggs and have even burned them selves on the heater when they get that active if they are dry I swoop in and get them out. doesnt seem to bother the others hatching ..
You can take them out as soon as they hatch and are dry. It shouldn't change the humidity much. If worried about it, you could always squirt some water in there with a spray bottle when lifting the lid.
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