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Oct 6, 2020
Gilbert, AZ
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Hi All! So, I have a serama silkie mix, and she is three weeks old. this is her:
325D9F03-B207-43DF-9FA6-FD7DD849E007 (1).jpeg
But her "sisters" we bought as a friend are only maybe turning 2 weeks old. Anyway, I'm assuming she will have to be taken off heat earlier and put outside earlier. I am trying to buy a friend for her that I older and already lives outside. The breeder I got him/her from says she can be taken off heat next week. but should I? I wouldn't have anywhere to put her where she won't be by herself unless I bought her the friend once she's off heat. but her friends will still be on heat for another week or 2 by then. Is it worth it to buy a friend for her? We haven't ever introduced new chickens into a flock with only 1 chicken. I already have her friend picked out if I do. she's a red bantam cochin.
Haha look at that little monkey up on the edge. Yeah that's going to get crowded, time to find a watermelon box! Tho you can get away with that size for a long time if you have a bigger space to let them out in during the day, tho that depends on the temperature outside.
i agree .. if you can pen off an area in the coop or run during the day, at 3 weeks or so they can probably go outside during the day if its not freezing, then bring them in to sleep in the box at night, let them get a drink and alittle quick bite to eat, cover with a towel and put them night night and indoors, i dont think you'll need any heat after 3 weeks, just put a towel over it so they go to sleep .. in the morning take them back out to the pen IF its not really cold or windy .. thats how i do it for the 'transitional' period .. gets the other birds used to them ..
We put them outside, and made them a tiny outside pen. she love it. trying to find bugs in the grass and foraging! our hen is scared of them! maybe she feels out-numbered..
Yeah, just keep an eye on them. 60s is a bit chilly but as long as they have shelter from any wind and come inside before dark they should be ok, and it'll encourage their feathers to come in quicker.

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