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May 2, 2015
I only have 2 pekins currently (1 drake/1 female), however I'm looking to expand and someone is giving away two pekins, also 1 drake/1 female. Would this work out? In the future, if I get any more ducks, should I be careful to always either have one drake to one female or more females than drakes? How would having more drakes than females end up?
You need more females than drakes or you will need to run 2 flocks. Males will overrate females and usually need 3+ females per male. Some people have really calm drakes and can do 1:1 but that is not the norm. I think you are taking a big gamble bringing in another drake and female. Is there any way to just add more females?
Okay, my drake is fairly calm, should I just do a trial period for a week or so, or will females of another breed work well too?
most likely. Your boy may be calm now, but adding another may likely change that and then you have 2 sex crazed drakes and only 2 females to deal with it.

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