Taking it Down to 2 breeds


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Feb 27, 2008
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Due to finanical and physical strain, we have decided to both pick our favorite breed out of our birds to keep. The husband said Buffs (which I also love, hahaha!) and I picked the Cochins. Soooo.... we have lots of bantams and started chicks available. The procedes will go towards my summer courses at college so I can finally finish my teaching degree.

Is anybody else finding that they are having to downsize to keep the sanity? It's breaks my heart, but it's for the best. I can always get them again in the future.
i'm slowly getting rid of alot of my birds before i go away to college in a few years. but my parents are still gonna be left with plenty of birds.
I'm so close to being finished, but it's where I'm not able to take care of everybody everyday like I used to. My husband is starting to have to take over my backyard chores and it's not fair since they are my animals.
I think that you have a great and reasonable attitude. Too often, we think if we stop, or downsize, we can never go back. I had chickens when I was first married, but as our kids got older, we had to move to town for them to go to high school. When they all graduated, well, one spring I ordered the chicks, and cleaned out the house and run.

Life works out that way, have the faith! mk
Tough decision! I really should cut down on breeds, just so I can concentrate more on breeding 1 or 2 specific breeds. It's so hard to do!
i dont know what im going to do when i go off to college hopefully the little sister will take over for me but i dont know what will happen i just live in the moment and enjoy everything they do. she'll be a freshman in high school when i leave so hopefully she will keep the dream alive for me.... good luck with everything

good thing i have a mom that has kept me grounded to 4 breeds 2 of which im focusing on mainly and my ducks which i have worked on alot for two years now
We are currently in downsizing mode.

Kind of

We are still hatching, so there is some reverse polish logic for you.

2 breeds is a good goal, does that mean I get to keep multiple varieties?

We did get out of turkeys, and sold off our toulouse flock.

That leaves us with Araucanas, Ameraucanas, RIR, BLRW, BC Marans, Cuckoo Marans, Golden Cuckoo Marans, Wheaten Marans, Silkies, Mille Fluers, and Ducks.

I see we still have some therapy to work through.
I've been downsizing for the last year. Just recently I sold off my speckled sussex and cuckoo marans flocks. I've sold off other breeds over the last year. It has not been easy to decide who got to stay and who had to go. Now all I've got are my wyandottes (3 colors LF and one bantam), my orpingtons (BBS & black) and my wheaten marans....plus my call ducks. It sure has been nice tho having a smaller feed bill!!

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