Taking request to draw your human RP characters in monster high form!

miss heny

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Jan 30, 2010
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Yep, i am now taking requests to draw your human Rp characters in monster high form!

I will draw with pencil and paper, all i need is a idea, and a color scheme *if you want colored*

i can ALSO draw you in monster high form, but i will need a CLEAR idea of what you want, but if you want a surprise drawing, just say so

*take note: i can only take pics of the drawings once done! i cant use a scanner8

SAMPLES *I am just STARTING to draw guys, so I would rather to draw girls *


* yep, i can do wings and horns! also hooves for feet! ^ *


*ya, i can do multi legs, and arms, but i rather not


*on guys i need to chose a pose to look at and draw from, i NEVER trace*


Laef of Redwall The queen consort of Farlem. She has waist length blonde hair and hazel eyes. She likes wearing french hoods. Her eyelashes are thick and she is rather tall.

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