Talk about a Miracle!


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Jul 14, 2009
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Yesterday morning I finished getting ready for work and opened the incubator to turn, mist & cool the eggs. I turned them, misted them and left the lid open to let them cool for 10 minutes..... and left the house completely forgetting to close the incubator!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't think about it all day, i felt like total crap and thought i had shut it before i left anyway. I got home 8hrs later and went to put something in the bedroom and turned around to check & turn the eggs and felt like my stomach was climbing up my throat, i just wanted to die! I just about started crying thinking i had killed every last one of the eggs, including the 7 duck eggs i just brought in because the hen was being a brat.
I couldn't think of anything to do but close the lid and give them until the morning and check the damage i had done... Well I was too scared to check them this morning so i only turned & misted them and left for work. I got home tonight and pulled out the candler, grabbed a little bucket for all the eggs i just KNEW i killed
and opened the incubator to start checking them....

I candled the first egg and i nearly choked, the little blob was squiggling all over the place!! like it was the best thing that ever happened to it! I was so excited that i put it right back and grabbed the next egg and discovered it was no longer alive.. all the veins were gone and the blob was stuck in the yolk
. I set it aside and moved moved on to the next... another bad one, but maybe an early quitter? set it aside and moved on.... I could definitely see veins still! After moving it around for a second i found the happy little blob, swimming all over in his little water world
. Every one of the other chicken eggs was alive and kicking!! I couldn't believe it! and all of them were even more active than before!

I checked the duck eggs last, they worried me. I had taken them from a hen that kicked them from her nest, so they were cold when i brougth them in and then i chilled them again. They were also about half way through incubation
I checked the first egg and saw a little one squish around
I checked the second and only saw black at first, but after some maneuvering, i found the akward airsac and some good, strong veins, all the remaining 5 eggs were squishing and kicking like crazy on the candler... thank God.

I have to say, it felt like a real miracle. I just couldn't believe i only lost 2 eggs after leaving them uncovered for 8 hours. I still can't hardly believe it. But HAD to share it!


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Dec 17, 2010
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Hey! Before you name them all miracle, go on google translate and type in 'miracle'

you could name them all miracle, but each in a different language xD

I don't even know if you were being serious...just a thought LOL

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